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Local SEO tip: Create your search engine business listings

Furtzdesigns 'Google My Business' listing
Furtzdesigns ‘Google My Business’ listing

Creating business listings for your business in the major search engines is a very important step in appearing more in search results and driving more traffic to your website. This step is especially important for business that are targeting local business, like a brick and mortar retail space or a business based on offering local trades and services. Search engine business listings are something you likely use quite often and see quite regularly, see the example of the Furtzdesigns ‘Google My Business’ listing image.

Search engine business listings are a great way to start beating local competitors that have a more established search engine presence than you, this is because these listings are location/proximity based. For example, if someone searches for ‘web design’ from Lobethal on a mobile device, Furtzdesigns is the first result. This is because the business address is in Lobethal and the user searching is geographically closer to Furtzdesigns than any competing businesses.

It is important to remember that Google is not the only search engine that matters. Bing and Yahoo are still important players in the search game and have their own proprietary versions of business listings. Here are some links to the registration pages for you to get started:

You will need to verify your address which involves receiving a code in the mail, so make sure all your information is accurate.

Once this is done, start asking your customers and clients to leave reviews for your company on your new Google business listing. Having at least five positive reviews (hopefully 5 star) which help to increase your ranking and show possible clientele that you are a trustworthy business person and quality service provider.

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