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For a limited time, we are offering a website, hosting, domain name, professional email & continual website care, maintenance & optimisation for only $200 per month. Check out what you get below!

Your new website is built for:
  • Mobile devices

  • Tablet devices

  • Desktop devices

Mobile is important!

A website that is not optimised for mobile devices leaves itself open to lose potential viewers/customers. Make sure that your website can convert any potential customer or client into revenue.

Australian Hosting.
It's quick, local & included free.


$ 29 mo Included!
  • 1,000 MB Storage Space
  • 100,000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 GSuite Email Account
  • 0 Add-on domains
  • 128 MB Memory
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Fast Australian Nginx Server


Care plan.
Unlimited support included free.


$ 349 mo Included!
  • Real-time offsite backups
  • Daily Core & plug-in updates
  • Daily Wordpress core optimisation
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Daily performance checks
  • Twice Daily security scans
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Weekly website report
  • Continuous SEO analysis
  • Mission Critical Security
  • Content Delivery Network


We pack a lot of features into our 'Lite' hosting package.
Here's what it means for you.

SSD Storage

All our hosting packages take advantage of SSD technology for storage. This means your website content gets served faster. It is the fastest disk performance possible.

Completely Managed

All hosting plans come with a cPanel account that you can manage yourself. If you would rather have professionals deal with it, we will take care of everything. No additional cost.

DNS Hosting

We use a premium DNS service to point your domain to our hosting servers. This results in faster websites, changes made resolve faster and your websites are more reliable.

Truly Australian

Our servers are located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. They are physically secure, carrier neutral, and redundantly powered along with a diesel generator on-site.

Super Fast

Don't keep your viewers waiting. Our hosting is quick and you'll notice it. Our servers are optimised especially for Wordpress hosting for the quickest possible load times.


Constant security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out. Our servers have a firewall to keep out those who should stay out! We can also arrange SSL certificates.

Our 'Premium' Care Plan packs a LOT of benefits.
Here's what you get included. Free.

Off-site Backups

Daily backups of your website stored on secure Amazon S3 servers so you can rest easy that if anything ever goes wrong we can restore your website quickly.

Core & Plug-in Updates

Updates to plugins, themes and WordPress core happen frequently and it’s important to keep these items up to date. You can have peace of mind as we will keep your website software up to date.

Database Optimisation

Over time, your Wordpress website can become sluggish for you, managing the website and also your visitors. One of the contributors to this is an un-optimised database. We take care of this daily.

Uptime Monitoring

We track your websites 'uptime' live, so we know the instant it goes down (should that ever happen). Don't leave it in the hands of an unsatisfied website visitor to tell you your website is broken!

Performance Checks

We check the performance of your website daily and score it against two popular website speed metrics to ensure that things are running quickly. We also check the load time down to the milisecond.

Security Scans

Securing a WordPress site is always an important step. Constant security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out. We are devoted to being proactive and keeping your sites safe and the hackers out.

Visitor Analytics

We include basic tracking and analytics in our monthly plans to help get an idea of how many visitors your website is pulling in and to look deeper into what kind of users are visiting your website.

Continuous SEO Analysis

What good is a website if no-one can find it! We can track and compare up to 100 keywords and keyphrases to see how your Google rank is progressing. We also compare your site against your main competitors.


We send you regular reports that include the results of ALL of the tests/checks mentioned here. If we find any issues, such as things running slowly, we fix it and send you the report so you can see for yourself.

If your website shows signs of any issue whatsoever,
we will fix it immediately.

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